Members (Miembros)

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As the name implies, the Voluntas Dei Institute seeks to group together Christians who specialize in listening for God's will and in carrying it out. This is quite a challenge and a real life-program.

The Voluntas Dei Institute is a Secular Institute uniting under a common ideal Christians - either clerics or laymen, celibate or married - whose only aim is to know the will of God, cling to it, love it and carry it out. All have the same rights and obligations except those proper to their state of life.

Therefore, our Institute seeks to group together baptized persons who, whatever may be "their place and function they are taking in the structure of the People of God"(Pope Paul VI), are dedicated to the genuine profession of the evangelical counsels under various forms compatible with their professional activities; consecrated persons placed in the world, solidly trained on the professional as well as on the spiritual level, and who adopt a life-style compatible with the nature and aim of the Institute.

Members of the Institute endeavor to acquire excellent professional training. Throughout his professional life, the constant preoccupation of the member of the Voluntas Dei Institute is to be deeply permeated by the Gospels so as to be more and more a witness, because "the disciple has a grave obligation to Christ his Master, to grow daily in his knowledge of the truth he has received from Him, to be faithful in announcing it...without having recourse to methods contrary to the spirit of the Gospel." (Dignitatis Humanae,XIV, 4)

In order to realize to the fullest their vocation, the married lay member lives the vows, drawing this inspiration from the Beatitudes, nourishing his/her love with matrimonial spirituality, and binding himself/herself to the directives of the Church by strict obedience.

Besides the general training given to all the members of the Institute, those destined to ministries will receive special formation in conformity with the directives of the Church as required by Canon Law and other documents of the Magisterium, being mindful at the same time of the traditions of the local Church.

Through steady work and the exercise of their trade or profession the lay person shall strive to make of his/her commitment a most fitting witness to Christ and to the Church.


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