USA District Officially Recognized March 1, 2013

To celebrate the erection of the Voluntas Dei USA District, the present and past Director General visited the USA District, along with Fernand and Raymonde from the Central Council.

Grace for the Celebration Banquet of the Voluntas Dei USA District
[By Voluntas Dei USA member Carol Livingston]

Lord, we come before you rejoicing and grateful for our Voluntas Dei Institute and our founder. Father Parent. His wisdom, faith and closeness to you and your Mother gave birth to a spirituality that we all can follow.  We thank you for your Spirit's guidance in the early pilgrim years of our USA district when we began to grow in the practice of the spirituality: of discovering the will of God, being faithful to it, cherishing it and striving to accomplish it.

Lord, we thank you for forming us and feeding us in this Institute. Your love and inspiration has enabled our district-in-formation to grow.  We have come to know that we are your instruments meant to accomplish your holy will while immersed in our own milieus.  We better appreciate that you mean for us to be a continuation of your presence and to communicate your love and mercy to all.

Lord, we praise and bless you for enabling us to become a district today.  How very joyful we are that you have inspired so many to consecrate themselves...."to be in the manner of the Virgin of the Annunciation, the instrument of Christ carrying out the will of the Father, in the reality of the present moment, in the midst of the world, wherever Christ has his rights."

Lord, we ask you to bless us as our USA District proceeds into the future.  We pray that we will be open to the movements of the Spirit.  We trust in your goodness and guidance and know that you are with us always.

Lord, we ask you to bless us as we gather for this celebratory banquet on the occasion of becoming a district of the Voluntas Dei Institute. 
And, thank you Lord for all that has been and yes to all that we will become in your name.

Director General Fr. Dunstan (left), and Central Council members Raymonde and Fernand (right)

2016 Summer Retreat and Congress at Daylesford Abbey

Summer 2016 Retreat and Congress, August 2-6 2016.

Here is a Welcome Prayer by Fr. Thomas Keating sent by our formation director

to help us enter into this retreat and Congress.

Welcome, welcome, welcome. I welcome everything that comes to me today because I know it’s for my healing. I welcome all thoughts, feelings, emotions, persons, situations, and conditions. I let go of my desire for power and control. I let go of my desire for affection, esteem, approval and pleasure. I let go of my desire to change any situation, condition, person or myself. I open to the love and presence of God and God’s action within. Amen.

1st retreat sessions: 'Mercy and the Saints' with Father John Joseph Novielli

2nd retreat sessions: 'Mercy and the Parables' with Father Francis Danielski

3rd retreat sessions: 'Mercy and the Psalms' with Father Maurice Avicolli

(The talks from the retreat sessions are available at the link below)

Click the image to
see pictures, including Alex being ordained a Deacon!

Presentations From the March Plenary Gathering

There were many great presentations by members at the March 2013 District Gathering.

Here are links to a few of them:

For all that has been - Thanks (Francois, Director General Emeritus)

Roots of New Life (Michael and Patricia Ruane)

Messages from the 2016 General Assembly

The July 2016 General Assembly was held in July 2016.

Here are some messages from the VDEI USA members who attended.
Message - Day 1

Message - After Week 1

Message - Election Results

2013 Retreat and Congress

The Voluntas Dei USA 2013 Summer Retreat and Congress was held at Daylesford Abbey in Paoli, PA.  The retreat ran from August 6-8 with the theme of discernment of our individual and group charisms.  Deacon Mark Cesnik from the Catherine of Siena Institute was our retreat leader.  There was a record crowd for the retreat of over 50 participants.  The annual Congress ran from August 8-10, with over 80 participants and with the overall theme of preparing for the 2014 Assembly.  Brother Loughlan Sofield was our facilitator for the assembly preparation sessions, and we were blessed to have our General Director Dunstan with us during the Assembly, and he challenged us to move out of our comfort zone, undergo personal transformation, and choose to be radical in living our faith in order to truly be relevant in the world.  We celebrated as one layman and two priests entered Aspirancy, one layman entered Probation, one couple entered 1st Commitments, two priests entered 1st Vows, and one couple and one priest entered Stability.

Please click on the image below to see pictures from the retreat and congress.

VDEI and Fr. Tony Ciorra featured in National Catholic Register Article

From the NCR: 1/31/2016

Meet the ‘Spiritual Mountaineers (Pope Pius XII Paved the Way for Consecrated Life to Be Lived in the World)

Seeking support for the Ethiopia Sector - "The poor helping the poor"

The Director General and his council recently asked the USA to accept Ethiopia as a Sector. Joel Livingston, Andrew Sioleti and Tony Ciorra travelled to Ethiopia in January 2014 to visit the members there and reported on their visit at the March Plenary Gathering. Please click on the image below to see photos from this trip to Ethiopia.

The visitation to Ethiopia was a moving experience. We found a vibrant Voluntas community with a well functioning council and a ministry to the elderly, homeless and HIV infected. The role of the USA District is to offer fraternal support and to serve as consultants/advisors to the Sector. Although the District does not have financial responsibility for the Ethiopia Sector, we are making a concerted effort to obtain funding for the education of seminarians and the ministry to the poor and homeless through grants/foundations, preaching through the Propagation of the Faith, and searching for some sponsoring parishes and donors.

Mr. and Mrs. Terfa, the leaders from Ethiopia, will be with us in August at the Summer Congress to give their report on the Ethiopian sector and answer questions from our members. They will also be received into stability at our District liturgy celebrating formation steps!


2015 Summer retreat and Congress a great success

Our summer gathering at Daylesford Abbey in Paoli PA was a grace-filled time which could be described by the refrain:
" We remember, we celebrate, we believe".  

We remembered those who are ill and who have passed on into eternal life.

We celebrated 2 new spiritual affiliates, 5 new Aspirants, 1 member's 1st vows, and 2 members entering stability.

The Inspiring liturgies strengthened our belief.

To see pictures and hear some audio clips from the retreat and congress, click on the image below.



2014 USA District Assembly and Congress

The 2014 USA District Assembly opened when Fr. Jean-Paul Chiasson, Assistant Director General,
convened the assembly and read a letter from Director General James Dunstan.  
Anthony Ciorra and the District Council stepped down as the Assembly body was vested with the authority for the District.  
We prayed, along with Pope Francis, that the Holy Spirit would annoy us during the Assembly, 
moving us forward, m
aking us journey.


The assembly concluded with elections.  Congratulations, and thank you to the newly elected District Council for accepting your call to serve.

Anthony J. Ciorra, Director (2nd term)
Julián González-Montenegro (2nd term)
Joe & Carol Livingston (2nd term)
James P.Bono (1st term)
Timothy M. Sullivan (1st term)

We celebrated the new council and all those making steps in our closing liturgy for the Congress.


Pictures from the Congress following the assembly can be seen at