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There are multiple ways for those living in the United States or select other countries to join Voluntas Dei USA. 

  • All men and women are invited to become “persons spiritually affiliated” with the institute, sharing the spirituality and benefits of team life. 
  • Married couples, single men, deacons and priests seeking to live a consecrated life are encouraged to discern membership in the institute.

For admission into full membership in the Voluntas Dei Secular Institute, the aspirant must be free from any commitment incompatible with the obligations he / she wishes to assume; moreover he must be led by a right intention and be apt to fulfill the spiritual and apostolic commitments proposed by the Institute.

This website provides information to begin your prayerful discernment, but we believe you must experience the Voluntas Dei spirit firsthand to truly discern if your vocation might include membership in the U.S.A. District of the Voluntas Dei Secular Institute.

  • Check the Where We Are page to see if there is already a Voluntas team that meets in your area. 
  • See the Contact Us page for instructions and a form for contacting a vocation director who can connect you with a team (so you ca attend one of their meetings or a regional event) or invite you to a national gathering. 

To be a member of the Institute, one must commit oneself by vow to lead a life in conformity with the evangelical counsels and with the spirit of the Beatitudes.

One must actively participate in the spiritual guidance and the material Obligations of the Institute, and conform one's life to the present Constitutions.

The member of the Institute must consider his or her formation as a life-long process. This formation evolves according to the following stages.

  1.  Aspirancy which lasts at least six (6) months and no more than two (2) years
  2.  Probation which lasts two (2) years
  3.  A multi-year period of Vows (or Commitments for married couples) prior to one's Stability
  4.  Stability as a vowed member (or committed associate member for married couples) all the rest of one's life

Anyone interested in joining the Institute as a person spiritually affiliated or as a member will be directed to the Team Facilitator for a team in their geographic region. Before requesting permission to begin one's Aspirancy in our Institute, those interested should spend at least 6 months with the local Team.